Canyoning on Roya, Tinée, Vésubie and Italy

Swim, jump, slide, abseiling... Guaranteed Sensations!

Discover the canyoning with Mat & Eau white water sport

From a level beginner to expert, around Nice, with the guides of Mat&Eau, to jump, to swim, to slide, throughout the most beautiful canyons of the Alpes-Maritimes in the valleys of Roya, Tinée, Vésubie or in Italy…

We shall make you discover so many courses going from famous Maglia, Barbaira and Carléva to the more intimist canyons such as the Audin, Montixi or still the Rio Abellio. All these descents are very close to Breil-sur-Roya and their access is made within one hour since Nice throughout the valley of Roya.

Regular canyon runs

guide canyon fanghetto

Canyon ruisseau d'Audin (Fanghetto)

Family, beginner

This nice little playful descent offers a canyon of aquatic exception and adapted to the youngest. They can devote to the skids, the jumps and the small swimming in a Provençal frame bathed of sun.

Discover Audin

Canyon Carleva Inférieur saut eau nature sensations

Canyon of Carléva inferior

Intermediate level

A wild race where canyon and gone hiking harmonize for a day in an isolated, green and aquatic valley, offering jumps, small abseiling and large-scale slides.

Discover Carléva inferior


Canyon Rio Barbaira

All levels, sporty

One of the most beautiful Italian canyon in the looks of swimming pools, 15 meters jump for the most rash. A crystal and blue water in the tropical looks which will plunge you into a dark and aquatic etroiture.

Discover Rio Barbaira

Special canyon runs

Canyon rio Abellio

Canyon Rio Abellio

All levels / Family

As his neighbor Audin, Abellio offers an easy and playful course for the youngest. The descent offers many crystal clear ponds to the jumps tempters and rafraichissants the whole under the sun of Riviera.

Discover Rio Abellio

River falls in the riou de la Bollène

Canyon of Riou de la Bollène


Playful and aquatic, Bollène combines quite ingredients to have a nice day. This canyon, situated in the valley of Vésubie, at the foot of the forest of conifers of Turini offers numerous jumps and slides.

Discover the riou de la Bollène

Canyon of Carléva

Canyon of Carléva


A wild race where canyon and gone hiking harmonize for a day in an isolated, green and aquatic valley, offering jumps and large-scale slides.

Discover Carléva

Canyon of the Maglia

Canyon of the Maglia

Closed after the flooding ( october 2020 )

It is the key canyon of the Alpes-Maritimes, classified in the European top 10. This descent will transport you in unique and extremely beautiful sports universe. A descent not to be underestimated in the beginning of season!

Discover Maglia

Big falls in Morghé canyon

Canyon of Morghé / Maglia


Morghé Maglia is the meeting of two canyons combining the verticality of Morghé and the aquatic course of Maglia. A magnificent combination!

Discover Morghé

Canyon of the Bendola

Canyon of the Bendola


Bendola is the longer European Canyon with its 2 days of descent for 15km and the more of 1800m of made uneven. A total disorientation, one night under the stars and a fantastic course wait for you.

Discover the Bendola