Canyon of Riou de la Bollène

Canyoning run in the Riou de la Bollène

Discover the canyon of Riou de la Bollène

Playful and aquatic, Bollène combines quite ingredients to have a nice day.

This canyon, situated in the valley of Vésubie, at the foot of the forest of conifers of Turini offers numerous jumps and slides.

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  • Verticality: max abseiling 12 meters.
  • Dumping: numerous jumps and swum parts.
  • Duration: approximately 4 hours.
  • Approach walking to go: 5 min.
  • Walking of return: 15 min.
  • Temperature of the water: 16°C.

To know

  • Supplied Equipment: wetsuit, socks, helmet, harness and ropes.
  • Equipment to be planned: an old pair of sport shoes, swimsuit, towel and replacement clothes, sandwich, energy stick and bottle of water.


Sporty. From 12 years old.

Picto et légende des niveaux : vert pour débutant, rouge pour sportif, noir pour expert

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