Morghé and Maglia canyons

Canyoning run combining Morghé and Maglia canyons

Discover the valley of Morghé and the canyon of the Maglia

Morghé Maglia it’s the meeting of two canyons combining the verticality of Morghé in the aquatic route of Maglia.

Valley of Morghé presents a continuous vertical character (magnificent waterfall of 58 m). This very taken valley throws itself into Maglia (shortly before the passage of the cave).

This combination of famous Maglia in the attractive canyon of Morghé make of this route a playful and technical canyon at the same time. Indeed to travel the valley of Morghé in good aquatic condition, it will be necessary to make a commitment afterward in the valley of Maglia which presents a flow always important when Morghé flows well.

Morghé is a canyon which will suit a public sportsman having already practised the canyon, in search of beautiful vertical lines.


  • Verticality: maximum abseiling of 60m.
  • Dumping: numerous jumps and swum parts.
  • Duration: approximately 5 hours.
  • Approach walking to go: 0 min.
  • Walking of return: 30 min.
  • Temperature of the water: between 13 and 15°C.

Live a unique moment with Mat & Eau

To know

  • Supplied Equipment: wetsuit, socks, helmet, harness and ropes.
  • Equipment to be planned: an old pair of sport shoes, swimsuit, towel and replacement clothes, sandwich and/or energy stick.


Expert. From 16 years.

Picto et légende des niveaux : vert pour débutant, rouge pour sportif, noir pour expert

Video extract of canyoning

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