The Roya

Between France and Italy, for us the most beautifull valley

Discover the Roya river

In a picturesque frame, you will discover a river to the crystal clear water running by gorges in the protected nature.

You can practise the rafting, the hydrospeed , the aquatic hike and the canyoning, the canoe-raft (or hot dog) and kayak-raft (or air-boat) on two courses:

  • The classic will seduce you by its frame, its luxuriant vegetation and its rapids as the zigzag or Gemion.
  • For initiated, gorges will make for you shiver with pleasure by its rapids in the suggestive names, such her maxi roam and the washing machine. A descent which will not leave unmoved you…

Activities in Roya

You will have 3 inflatables options in boat on this river:

  • Classic Roya: a half-day of initiation (Gemion-Breil)
  • The gorges de la Roya: a sporty half-day (Saorge-Gemion)
  • The “royale : you will evolve on the classic in the morning and will navigate in gorges in the afternoon.

All types of boats are visible in our section “activities”.

Roya is also the place of departure for numerous aquatic expeditions in canyoning or hike. You can see here all our course of canyoning or discover the activity of aquatic hike.