Bendola canyon

Canyoning run in Bendola canyon

Discover the valley of Bendola

Bendola it is the longest course of Europe with its 15 km for more than 1700 m. of made uneven! It is a journey at the heart of the valley of Roya.

Savage, Bendola is a journey of two days at the heart of the mountain. it’s reserved for an initiated public, in good physical condition and ready to spend one night under the stars.

The course begins with a beautiful walking on the high plateaus which dominates Italy and France. This atypical valley proposes a vertical first part where we discover according to years one dry descent or in water with a progress on snow.

Halfway the water always flows and the descent offers numerous games of water. To arrive at the bivouac, it is necessary to progress between 6 and 8 o’clock and so much for the next day.

The second day offers a more horizontal and more aquatic progress interrupted with walking, the final of this long course plunges you into a magnificent long collection of about 2 km. Before joining the bridge of Castou which marks the end of the descent.


  • Verticality: maximum abseiling of 50m.
  • Dumping: numerous jumps and swum parts.
  • Duration: approximately 2 days with a night under the stars.
  • Approach walking to go: 20 min.
  • Walking of return: 50 min.
  • Temperature of the water: between 13 and 16°C.

To know

  • Supplied Equipment: wetsuit, socks, helmet, harness and ropes.
  • Equipment to be planned: an old pair of sport shoes, swimsuit, towel and clothes to change it, sandwich and/or energy stick.


Expert. From 16 years old.

Picto et légende des niveaux : vert pour débutant, rouge pour sportif, noir pour expert

Video extract of canyoning