Hydrospeed - Gorges of the Roya

Renforced wetsuit, palms, float, helmet… and on the water! Guaranteed Adrenalin!

Hydrospeed ou Swimming on the river in south Alps

Our valley of Roya offers a vast playground for the white water sports such as the hydrospeed (or swimming on the river).

Provided with a float, with palms, with a helmet and with a reinforced wetsuit to protect possible shocks, you will discover the enjoyments of the hydrospeed together with Mat and Lolo. On the river of Roya, we supervised you in the discovery of our passion in complete safety.

This ” rivers’s sled ” allows a fast and playful progress. Easy to master, it quickly gets sensations: from the entrance to river, we feel as on a sled “to overfly” rapids ! Need for a dose of adrenalin? Come visit us…

Live a unique moment with Mat and Lolo

Hydrospeed on the gorges of the Roya

The gorges of Roya, major sector of the white water sports offers a unique frame just a step from the valley of the marvels.

The hydrospeed in Roya gets strong sensations guaranteed especially in the gorges of high Roya.

And feel reassured: the bearing of a strengthened wetsuit and a helmet puts the swimmer shielded from the attacks of the environment !

You are supervised by a professional guide, and the transport of the store from the descent is organized by Mat&Eau.

To know

  • Supplied Equipment: reinforced wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, palms, socks and float.
  • Equipment to be planned: swimsuit, towel and replacement clothes.


Sporty. The hydrospeed is a physical activity. Accessible from 14 years.

Picto et légende des niveaux : vert pour débutant, rouge pour sportif, noir pour expert

Video extract of hydrospeed on the Roya