Canyon of Carléva Inferior

Canyoning run of Carléva Inferior

Discover the canyoning at Carleva inferior !

This is a run of intermediate level, for people who want discover a full day canyon with a moderate level, with obstacles relatively easy to overcome. Beginners accepted, sure, from 12 Years.

Carleva Inferior, it’s a wild canyon, easy and beautiful. Carléva has a festival of water games, jumps, slides, abseiling and swimming…

The wild atmosphere of this canyon will seduce you, the omnipresent vegetation will leave its place at times to a mineral scenery where the resurgences drip and sculpt limestone concretions as painted in green by lush mosses… An amazing decor !

The Carleva valley, although less known than its neighbour the Maglia, remains a major canyon where you will discover a large number of jumps and slides (10 meters for the highest slide).

Detonating cocktail between nature and sensations !



  • Verticality: 3 easy abseiling.
  • Dumping: numerous jumps and swum parts.
  • Duration: approximately 5 hours.
  • Approach walking to go: 20 min.
  • Walking of return: 20 min.
  • Temperature of the water: between 16 and 18°C

A savoir


  • Material provided: neoprene suit and socks, helmet, harness, ropes.
  • Equipment to provide: a pair of sneakers, swimsuit, cereal bars, sandwich, water bottle, and towel.


All level. From 12 Years.

Picto et légende des niveaux : vert pour débutant, rouge pour sportif, noir pour expert

Video Canyon Carleva Inferior